Friday, March 21, 2014

The Star Metro Business - 12 Mar 2014

12 Mar 2014 - At 19 Culinary Studio was featured in The Star Metro Business section. Owner and founder, Hellen Fong, was interviewed by the newspaper to share her story on what it takes to step out as an entrepreneur especially when you are already in a comfortable job with good pay. "I never gave up on my passion". At 19 Culinary Studio started in 2010 and has todate taught more than 2,000 students who join the cooking school to learn how to bake or cook.

At 19 Culinary Studio has appeared in many magazines and newspapers and is one of the four top cooking schools in Kuala Lumpur to whip up a meal. There are a variety of baking and cooking classes to choose from. During the school holidays, classes include teenagers' bootcamps, parent & child classes and kids' classes. To view or book these classes, please go to our website at